Making Your Own Herbal Face Masks At Home Is Often a Fun Way to Keep Your Young Appearance

Published: 25th July 2012
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Folks have been using facial masks for hundreds, or maybe even thousands of years already. The reality is, nobody knows precisely when and where the idea of facial masks was born, but historians strongly believe it started in China. It's also a well known fact that all-natural face masks were routinely used by the ancient Egyptians. Cleopatra for example would use mud from the Dead Sea, along with egg whites. Even today, Dead Sea mud is held in high regard, however it's over-priced except if you're ready to acquire your own.

These days one may go online and find an enormous amount of information on how to make your own individual masks. Many of the ideas one comes across are great, while others are quite simply bizarre. As a matter of fact, some are, in my view, best avoided entirely. In the event you are going to make your own, ensure you concentrate on only using natural ingredients.

Egg whites are widely used inside of home made face masks, and of course eggs are normally readily available and eggs are likewise cheap. Nonetheless, you trully don't have to confine yourself to egg whites. A good number of different food products are also excellent for including in your face masks. Yogurt, honey, and even whole milk can be utilized as a base.

Mashed avocado pear is enormously well-liked among those that frequently make their own masks, because it is an excellent moisturizer. As a matter of fact, it can even be used for moisturizing very dry hair. Mashed banana is yet another well known ingredient, as are cucumbers. You truly are only limited by your own resourceful imagination, and of course the most significant thing of all is that you will have full control over what winds up on your skin.

The only real problem with do-it-yourself masks is the fact that they are inclined to become increasingly expensive, and not due to rising cost of living either. Once you start seeing rewards, you'll soon want to start experimenting, and as quick as anything, you'll be spending a great deal more than you originally intended to. On top of that, you will most likely finish up wasting lots since there are many ingredients which often don't keep, whether or not you put them in a fridge freezer.

You are able to of course get around this problem merely by finding a few of your friends that will be glad to share the expense of the supplies as a swap for free masks. A further problem you may face will be a lack of time, particularly if you are in a full time job, and you only get home in the evenings. Let's face it; after a long work day, it's excellent to apply a face mask and then lie in the bath for a long time, but you might not find it so unwinding if you first need to make your mask.

If you just don't have time or inclination to make your own special masks, you could of course purchase them, however as I noted previously, it is important for you to make sure those you buy are totally free from chemical compounds. Essentially, you should only use natural face masks. Some of these come in powder form, and you just add water or milk in order to make a paste. Others are ready to use without you having to do anything, so it truly just depends upon what your personal preferences are. One thing is for certain though; regular use of a good quality mask will work amazing things for your complexion.


Kalpana Rajagopalan believes natural cosmetics and all-natural face masks are superior to their chemical driven cousins. You can find out more by going to her website at

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