The Reason Why Some People May Have Wrinkled Fingertips Even If They've Not Been In a Bath

Published: 18th November 2011
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Almost everyone has experienced wrinkled fingertips, particularly while in and immediately after a bath. You can even have noticed that this doesn't generally take place while you shower, which has often baffled many people. Of course there's a simple explanation for this though. Whenever you're inside the bathtub, your hands are mostly submerged in the water, during which time a little bit of water will be absorbed into the top layers of your skin. This in turn causes skin to swell, and that's when you'll notice the wrinkles.

Now, we could go deeper into this and additionally discuss why you experience wrinkled fingertips in the bath, while the rest of your body remains wrinkle free, nevertheless in this article we're much more concerned about wrinkled fingertips that are not a direct result bathing or swimming. So, precisely why are many people's fingertips always wrinkled, no matter if their hands have been nowhere near water?

I actually wish I could supply you with a definitive response to this specific question, however I'm afraid not even dermatologists are 100% sure why this will happen to some people. There is a lot of conjecture however, much like there are various theories. By way of example, some people report they only have wrinkled fingertips during the course of cold weather periods, which will seems to indicate that it may have something to do with the way in which a person's skin reacts to external temperatures.

It's additionally been mentioned that people who suffer from an under active thyroid are susceptible to developing puckered or wrinkled fingertips. The general opinion here is actually that an under active thyroid will reduce one's metabolism, and a low rate of metabolism on the other hand results in a marginally reduced core temperature. Whenever the body is actually cold, the actual blood vessels along the skin surface get restricted while the body attempts to preserve heat, which might then, in principle, cause wrinkling to develop.

One trait which appears to be widespread concerning those that have wrinkled fingertips tends to be that many of these folks put up with really dried out hands, or at least, the skin on their hands is for the most part abnormally dry. This has additionally led many people to think keratin deficiency could be at fault, or perhaps partly to blame for puckered fingertips.

Under normal instances, you'll find really large quantities of keratin present in the skin on a person's fingertips. This naturally occurring protein is critical with regard to skin health, in part because it induces the output of collagen, which generally is responsible for the firmness of skin. Aside from being so important for skin, keratin readily soaks up water, so if there isn't an adequate amount of keratin present in your skin, the end result is actually dried-out skin.

While wrinkled fingertips might be a result of several underlying health conditions, almost all people who endure this odd phenomenon have found relief just by utilizing a suitable hand cream, nonetheless one does need to remember that a lot of general hand lotions could also help make the actual condition significantly worse because of some substances which may be included in the balms. As a general rule of thumb, make sure you avoid using any kind of lotions and creams containing petroleum based ingredients, and if possible, perfumed treatments also need to be avoided as many of the fragrances utilized in beauty products happen to be notably harsh on skin.


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